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About The Accountkeepers

The Accountkeepers is not your typical bookkeeping firm. We are the better alternative to hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Every Accountkeepers client has a dedicated accounting team – an accounting associate for the day-to-day work, and an accounting manager to ensure it's all done correctly. While our company is virtual, our teams interact with each other and their clients face to face through video calls. We have a personal relationship with our clients.

The Accountkeepers also leverages the best accounting technology available. We move all our clients to a cloud-based accounting and file storage system, and we automate roughly 50% of our clients' bookkeeping work. This increases accuracy, and lowers cost.

Senior Accounting Associate Job Description

We are looking for an experienced Senior Accounting Associate who is interested in working at a different kind of company. You’ve read our Company and Workplace Values below, so you know what we mean by that. We are looking for someone who loves accounting, takes pride in serving their clients, is an excellent communicator, embraces accounting technology, has some experience supervising other accountants, works well in a fast-paced and changing environment, and doesn’t need an office environment to work successfully.

Senior Accounting Associate Responsibilities and Expectations:

The Senior Accounting Associate will manage multiple clients with the support of an Accounting Manager, who is the senior client contact and oversees the work of a team of accountants. The Senior Accounting Associate will also support the Accounting Manager with team oversight by serving as a resource to the Accounting Associates, training and mentoring them when new challenges arise, and knowing when to bring complex accounting issues to the Accounting Manager. The Senior Accounting Associate will also ensure that the day-to-day work of the Accounting Associates is complete, accurate, and on-time by reviewing work and documentation.

With the support of the Accounting Manager, the Senior Accounting Associate is responsible for:

Client Accounting (approximately 70%)

Review & Oversight (approximately 30%)

Other Expectations of Working with The Accountkeepers



Perks of working with The Accountkeepers:

Our Hiring Process & Application Instructions

Thanks for your interest in our Senior Accounting Associate position! We thought you would appreciate a summary of the hiring process, so you know what to expect. We know how much time and effort goes into applying to job postings, and we appreciate your time. Please note we receive hundreds of applications when we post a job, and so are unable to inform candidates if they have not moved on to the next step.

Also, we ask that all applicants please read our Company and Workplace Values below to make sure we’re a good match before submitting an application.

To apply: Please submit your resume (2 pages maximum), cover letter (1 page maximum), and answers to our application questions through Workable. Thank you!

The Accountkeepers' Company & Workplace Values:

This is not your ordinary work environment. We are building a community of awesome accounting professionals whose company will work for them, not just the other way around. The culture of this company is one of generosity. It is a culture of we and not I.

Our Company Values can be found on TAK’s website, and outline what our clients can expect of us.

In addition, our Workplace Values (below) guide how we operate as a company and what we expect of each other:


TAK is a 100% remote workplace. We believe in flexible schedules, we don’t track vacation days, and we don’t mind people working a non-traditional schedule. If it works for your clients and your team, it works for TAK. We hire competent professionals who know how to manage the many demands on their time, and we trust them to do it successfully.

Team-based Independence.

We designed The Accountkeepers’ workplace so that it feels like you’re working for yourself, but without any of the downsides like unreliable pay and insecurity. With us, you get flexibility, a reliable paycheck and amazing benefits. But you also get a team. TAK team members support each other constantly, working independently to achieve common goals.


As a remote work environment, communication is key. Communication with our clients and communication with our colleagues. We treasure open, honest, and vulnerable conversations. Without successful communication channels, we cannot achieve our goals for our clients or our company.

Being organized.

Working remotely for multiple clients means you have many demands on your time, from many different angles, so you need to be incredibly well organized.


You should always have capacity to help a colleague who’s out on parental leave, research a new technology that could help our clients or help us, or step in for someone on vacation. We should never be at full capacity with our regular day to day work. If you are, speak up!


We believe in work life balance; however you define it. We believe in being fully present when you’re “on” and disconnected when you’re “off”. We don’t believe in burning the candle from both ends.

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